Groundwater: A Piece For Four Hands, installation view

Double Flame, 2015, HD video projection, projector, duralar, dimensions variable

This singular video is projected through a reflective cone attached to the end of the projector lens. The cone stretches the shape of the video and creates a complex, dimensional image on the wall.

Untitled (Washed Up), 2016, string of lights, balloons, painted rocks, tape, dimensions variable

Not-yet-titled, 2015, still of video sculpture #1 including HD video projection, acrylic strips, latex paint, dimensions variable

This projection work involves two separate videos that interact with each other and the materials on the floor. The video on the wall slowly moves toward the floor, seemingly propelled by the synchronized hands depicted, until it touches the video of a pool and reflective materials on the floor activating a system of vibrant and colorful reflected images.

Orbs (Ariel), 2016, copper pipe, projector, HD video, dimensions variable

Waterfall Gate, 2015, HD video projection, acrylic sheet, wire mesh, wood, dimensions variable

This sculptural piece includes one projector installed directed towards the floor, projection a short video loop of the moving seascape.  Plexiglass arched over the floor sends a stretched and exaggerated image of the video along the wall and the ceiling, while other materials interrupt and expand the image on the floor.