Diaphragm (Let Me Hold Your Breath), Video projection, plastic, dimensions variable  

Let Me Hold Your Breath 

curated by Zachary Lucero at Baxter street Camera Club of New York

In Let Me Hold Your Breath, the presence of the video sculpture mimics the gaps in breath, the rhythm of pulse, and cyclical nature of the body. When immersed in the room with them, the visuals and audio loop parallel bodily patterns. The representation of the female body is particularly vital, as the projections stand in as the narratorial voice. The projected images, she, become fragmented through the optical play of reflections. Then again, they re­assemble into a visual being that is by now more than the individual and less than a community: a feminine and familial being which exists in the space between the two collaborators. 

Pink, 2017, video projection, plastic mirror, mylar, dimensions variable  

Pears, 2017, projector, HD video, glass, wood, metal, cement, 54"x22"

This shape Has No Place, 2017, two channel video projection, 4:54 minute loop  


Let me Hold Your Breath, installation view at Baxter Street Camera Club of New York, 2017

Emblem, 2017, HD video, 1:14 minute loop